The Night Journey is a collaboration between Bill Viola Studio and the Game Innovation Lab. The production has spanned a number of years, and is still in progress, though the game has been exhibited around the world since 2007. Currently, the core team is finalizing the experience and porting it for home platforms.

Bill Viola

Kira Perov
Executive Producer

Scott Fisher
Executive Producer

Tracy Fullerton
Game Designer, Producer

Todd Furmanski
Game & Visual Effects Programmer

Kurosh ValaNejad
Art Director

Andreas Kratky
Concept Art & Visualizations

Richard Almodovar
Character Animator

Mike Rossmassler
3D Artist

Aimee Dozois
3D Artist

Jamie Antonisse
Video Editor

Michael Sweet
Audio Designer

Juri Hwang
Additional Audio

Vincent Diamante
Sound Design Assistant

Scott Gillies
Game Design Assistant

Zach R.D.
Platform Programming

John Billingsley
Platform Programming

Erik Nelson
Bushido Game Engine

Glenn Song
Bushido Game Engine